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Your Chance is Right now! Discover Your True Self.

As women we tend to put a lot of pressure on ourselves by constantly wondering and asking  am I enough? Why can't I change this certain thing about myself or just always in a constant battle.  Searing for  change- but we don't know how to get there or where to begin.

Good news is, there is a starting place and it begins with you and your mindset. 

Are you ready to stop living up to the expectations of everyone except your self?

Do you find yourself daydreaming about what life could (and should )  be like?

Do you know that you were put on this earth to complete great things,  but you have no clue or slightest idea on how to tap into it? 


There are many who understand the day to day struggles that life bring. I am one of them and I believe that it's important that you know, you are not alone. 

Let me encourage you to not throw in the towel. You see we spend so much of our time giving and giving. Ask yourself when was the last time you tended to yourself?  When was the last time you did something that you actually enjoyed? I have to ask this next question, when was the last time you told yourself how much you love yourself? 

Are you living or are you just existing? There is no time like the present. In order to take your life and claim what is yours, you must get clear on how you want to show up. 

Unveil To Soar

This phrase was given to me early, during the planning stage of my business. I knew my purpose was to lead women on a journey to self-discovery. As of now, more than ever, so many of us don't believe ourselves to be wise enough or strong enough to create the lives we want for ourselves. 

As I sat with my thoughts to figure out where to start, I knew what to do, but was unsure of the how and where to begin. After meditating it came to me. Take them on your journey, and start from the beginning.  After a few hours of allowing those words to penetrate my mind and heart, Unveil To Soar was created. 

This is for you if...

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You're ready to live to a standard of grace

You will practice and learn how to accept that not being perfect is okay.

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You're ready to break free

Release all negative self-talk and limiting beliefs.

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You're ready to Live your best life

I will show you how to take ownership of your life.

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Reevlauate and be focused

You will dig into your past to focus on your future.

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You're ready to own your stuff

There are things that you will face that you may not like.

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If you are ready to show up assertive

I will teach you how assert yourself in a positive way.

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Mindset Matters

During this week we will focus on preparing ourselves mentally to tackle the upcoming week.  Understanding the foundation you are currently standing on.  

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Up close & Personal 

Here we will dig into your personal strengths and weaknesses, complete assessments, and learn to craft personal mission and vision statements.

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Owning our stuff

This week's focus will be on Identifying , owning and accepting our contributions in life will be taught. Begin discovering the real you by using my signature technique.  

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Release & Rebuild

Learn how to eliminate things that no longer serve purpose or value in your life. Put best practices in place to begin rebuilding on a solid foundation.

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Smell of Success

With a fresh mind, we will revisit goals and action steps, ending with a celebration of all wins and accomplishments.  

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The Pursuit of You

We will  wrap up with personalized commitments and action plan.