Remember who you are….


When you were born, you were created whole and complete. You were created with great detail, which makes you unique. Those unique traits, qualities, perfections, and what you may call imperfections are what sets you apart from everyone else. How amazing is that! There is no one like you. So, remember to embrace who you are, and let your uniqueness be the most beautiful accessory you wear.

Wondering when is the right time?

Now is the time. Have you looked around lately? Women are becoming into their own. We are taking charge of our own lives. With every obstacle that life tosses us, it could seem difficult and at times impossible. Let me be the first to tell you, it is not impossible. Notice I didn’t say that it wasn’t going to be difficult. The best thing about being God’s daughter is that you were born a princess who was destined to be a queen. A woman of virtue. A woman who knows she is a leader and knows how manifest a life of happiness through connection, intuition and openness.

Life happens and…

Even though you are aware of your self-worth and value, you seem to have experienced the hardship life brings. These life altering incidents can cause you to…

  • Forget the truth you once knew regarding your worth and sense of identity.
  • Move out of the awareness of love and into a place where fear, doubt and judgment begins to take residence in your mind.
  • Have a heart that was shattered and you have decided to guard it by building walls.
  • Feed off others to validate or feel reassured because of insecurities.

But when it’s quiet and there’s no one around, you hear the calling at your heart. A whisper in your ear that tells you there is more. Listen up, get up, dress up and be ready to get back to the incredible you. That tug you feel at your heart, that voice that you hear, should sound familiar. It does, "She" does.... she is Your Voice.  


Discovering her, is a journey of being in a constant pursuit of awakening the consciousness of BECOMING