When women support each other, incredible things happen


I am proud to be introducing the upcoming member site! Her Essence Society will be a platform where we can come together as a whole to connect, learn and empower one another. Our different walks of life and testimonies were not given or endured without a significant purpose. When we share our experiences, we give others hope, faith and courage. We learn that we are not alone in our day to day walk. There will be extensive training, coaching and other EXCLUSIVE activities with Her Society membership space .


Who Run the world? We do, and we do it...



Everything we do, we do it with the most heartfelt and powerful intensity.



We have the ability to bend, break and sometimes fold. But because she's extraordinary she does not look like what she has been through.


The beauty of loving the skin you're in and living in your truth is that you are not conformed by the opinions and secrets of anyone. Including yourself during times of  limited-thinking. 

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Focus Faith F²

Choosing to  focus on positive things that can be gained in any situation and to always operate in faith. To each is given a measure of faith.