Self Trust: Do You Trust Yourself Enough?

As I sit to write about trust, I must admit I am blushing. The first the thought that comes to mind is the way my 4-year old son plays with his father. He's a climber who seems to have no limits when it comes to heights. I am sure the universe downloaded this memory to capture the essence of trust; simply because it's relatable. When my husband stands in front of our son, they lock eyes and without fear, doubt or hesitation, he takes a leap of faith. He feels secure enough to fall into the arms of someone he trusts. 

When was the last time you LET GO? When was the last time you trusted as you once did as a child? Many of us struggle with trust daily in many areas of our lives. It could be with self, friendships, relationships, career and so on. Trust building is one of the first capacity building exercises I teach in my coaching program. In order to effectively trust you must learn to listen. Listening to the whispers that are and have been surrounding you all of your life. 

How do I being to trust? 

  • Listen to what your heart is telling you

  • Listen to your intuition

  • Listen to what your relationships are telling you

  • Listen to what nature is telling you

  • Listen to what life is telling you

Make a conscious decision to shift your focus and attention. Decide that you are no longer going to allow your mind to hinder your growth using all of the deceptive and deceitful tactics that the mind uses to do so, such as negative beliefs, limited thoughts and lack of motivation. Open yourself up to all of the possibilities, because anything is possible! Don't rush the process of building. Starting small and gradually building is key. I say this because it takes patience. Put yourself to the test first. Why? If you don't trust yourself than there is no way you can fully trust others. 

Self-trust is not only a virtue but a precious treasure too. Without it you may not have clear aspirations, lack of uniqueness and drive to chase after your dreams. No one knows you better than you. No one can do you better that you can do yourself. So do yourself a huge favor by tapping into your inner self. Trusting your gut instincts is how you increase your intuition. Have you ever pondered on a question, and suddenly things start to fall into your path? That one thing that you are stuck on has come up in conversations around you. You may hear something on the radio or television that is directly related.  It's coincidence that remarkable concurrence of events are taking place. This is a clear indicator that the universe does have your back. This also ties to the above statement regarding listening to what nature is telling you. 

How Do I know what i can trust?

Trust in what you are told if it...

  • Is loving

  • Tells you that you can

  • Points you in the direction of wellbeing

  • Shows you what is possible

  • Tells you that you can succeed

  • Tells you that you can prosper

  • Encourages you to create

  • Encourages you to forgive

  • Inspires compassion

  • Is in alignment to your live's purpose

Learn to Trust, my love, allow yourself to trust and you will know what it's like to be free.


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Pay close attention to the signs around you. Set the intention to open your mind, ears and heart.  Nothing is insignificant, everything has significance. It's up to you to discover the treasures.  I have included a worksheet to help you keep track of your discoveries. 


With love + grateful heart, 

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