From Pain 2 Purpose

It’s funny how I always hear people say,” I’m too young to be going through this!”
The fact of the matter is that no one person is excluded from adversity, struggle,
strife, ailments, etc. Your social, financial, nor moral statuses can prevent you
from going through some thangs (no typo). Now, what I do know to be proven is, when
you go “through”, it is not the action but the reaction, the type of energy
(positive/negative), and the resources that determines the outcome of your
which all tie into each other as well. For instance, if the reaction is “anger” then
the energy exerted will be negative, which can push you to either not seek your
resources to help you push through or seek the improper resources. I recently
experienced several painful experiences over the past few months. One of the events
caused me to be angry and release negative energy. I was in bad moods a lot and the
slightest thing would warrant a huge blow up and outburst from me, until I realized
what was occurring. In fact, it wasn’t until recently that I realized just how much
negative energy I was exerting in response to just trying to cope with such a
devastating heartbreak. I had to quickly snap back into a more positive perspective,
which allowed me to consciously make a decision that was for the better good of
myself, so that my healing process could began. The most important factor for me
during my healing process was my focus! Whom I gave it to, how it was received, when
I chose to give it, etc. I knew in my heart that this was the only way to press
forward in a positive light because without caution, my destruction would be

We all have control over how we choose to use the painful situations we may come up
against. However, the response that we give can either be a hinderance or

Here are three tips on how to cope during an adversity:

•control your response

•exert positive energy only

•seek positive resources

If you feel comfortable enough, I would love to hear how your pain turned into
positive purpose at:



LaQuisha Landry