fall is Almost here:

What it means for you

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Falling In love with yourself 

The focus for this season is "Fall In Love with You Again"!

 As you see time and again during the fall, the trees shed their leaves as part of the cycle of renewal. This is a universal principle - in order to grow, we must release some things. You have an inner-garden that needs to be properly cared for and maintained. Take this time to take what you have learned, digest it, retain what is useful, and expel what isn't, just like your own digestive process. We’ve all made mistakes, said things we regret, made choices we wish were different.  We’ve also done things or purchased items that were useful at the time, but now are nothing but a burden in our closet or a habit that keeps us from realizing new goals. 


What's your current reality?

*Are you trapped in a mundane lifestyle

*Tired of feeling unhappy & unfulfilled in areas of your life

*Wondering why you are attracting the wrong people in your life 

*Are you constantly repeating the same toxic behavior that leaves you feeling depressed and drained 

*Do you feel as if you will end up doing life alone, causing you to settle for a fraction of what you desire

*Have you been experiencing a disconnect that you can't seem to identify

*Recently realized that you no longer have anything in common with your circle

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If you can relate to any of the above questions, it's time for the two of us to connect so that we can DISCOVER + AWAKEN THE GODDESS IN YOU! 

I am opening my doors for 10 bold & courageous women who are not afraid to take back their identity and life. This virtual workshop is intimate in setting, but intensive for your transformation.You will spend 6-weeks with me. We will have weekly group sessions + your one on one time with your very own intuitive coach, that would be me.  Yes, you read that right. Your healing, growth and revival matters so much that there are no bots or admins speaking for me. I will personally see to every question, comment and concern.  You will not feel drowned out by being in a group, I promise you that. 

Learn how to:

*Discover who you are and your significance as a woman
*Posses the confidence to assert yourself without hesitation
*Break free from the prison of your mind
*Identify and control emotions
*Live your best life as a whole rather single or in a relationship
*Make better decisions that compliment your values
*Chakra Balancing and Meditation (optional) 
*Let yourself off the hook from past mistakes
Much more


The Doors Are Open!!!

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